Make Own Facial with Natural Ingredients at Home

Currently, a lot of face creams and masks are sold for facial care, which are considered to effectively help with skin problems such as dry, oily, sensitive and irritated skin, and, of course, not to mention wrinkles. However, most of these products do not meet these promises. Natural masks, on the other hand, do this. They are suitable for any type of skin and skin problems, and they are made from the simplest products that you may already have at home. Read this article to learn how to make face care at home from natural ingredients.

First, let’s look at the important steps of proper facial care at home –

Step 1-Easy cleaning

Cleaning is always the most important first step and should not be sloppy. Especially if you do facial care at home, if the lower layer of the skin is not cleaned properly, subsequent care will not help. So, with the same success, you can start with a facial cleanser, perform daily makeup removal and cleansing procedures and get twice as much result by putting half the effort on your face at home!

Step 2 Exfoliation Exfoliation

After cleansing, exfoliate to remove old dead skin and cells to prevent clogged pores. You can choose a scrub suitable for your skin and massage in circular movements to clear the pores. Let me tell you a little secret! Since the opening in the pores is directed downward, upward pressure from the chin will lead to a cleaner and deeper cleansing.

If you have sensitive skin, try a natural homemade scrub! To do this peeling with your own hands, simply chop 3 medium-sized strawberries in a bowl after cleaning, add a spoonful of honey and mix well. The method of application is the same as that of a regular scrub: apply from above, gently massage, then rinse with warm water.

You can try the facial cleanser Himalaya Purifying Neem & Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack, which is an excellent tool for properly cleansing your skin.

Step 3 / Deep Cleaning


After the scrub, you can lie comfortably on the bed and cover your face with a warm towel for 5 minutes to expand the pores, then apply a thick cleansing mask for deep cleansing to vigorously remove blackheads and white dots from the pores. This stage of deep cleansing is by far the coolest of all facials at home!

Step 4 Close close the pores and moisturize

After you clean the pores, think about closing them again so that the skin becomes firmer and smoother! You can moisten cotton wool with a lotion that narrows the pores and apply it to the whole face for 10-15 minutes. If it annoys you, you can also choose a mask with the functions of pore narrowing and moisturizing to nourish every pore!

Step 5 Massage Facial Massage

Use a good moisturizer to lift and massage from the center of the face outward and upward with your bare hands or tools, which will help the skin absorb skin care products and get rid of wrinkles on the face.

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Step 6 Apply apply a good serum

After applying the lotion, you can apply the appropriate serum as needed to remove pimples, moisturize, whiten, lighten spots, lift and more. After applying the serum, you can proceed to the final stage! Apply a cream or lotion to create a water barrier for your skin and retain moisture! The skin is moisturized, naturally smooth and beautiful.

Face care at home from natural ingredients – for oily skin

For this, citrus fruits are often used with clay as a base. Good examples are clay combined with lemon or orange and possibly a crushed banana. This face mask will definitely remove the oils.

Face care at home from natural ingredients – for dry skin

Since dry skin contains too little fat, it is wise to use honey or oil as a base for facial care. You will need only one teaspoon of this product for a face mask. Examples of proper oils include olive oil, almond oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. In addition, you can add the usual ingredients, such as a teaspoon of powdered milk, avocado or tomatoes.

Face care at home from natural ingredients – for sensitive skin

For this type of skin, yogurt is used as a base for facial care. This is because yogurt cleanses and refreshes the skin. Thus, yogurt is ideal for masks for skin burns or acne. With dry and sensitive skin, you can add a little honey to it, another ingredient is oatmeal. It can be added to the mask in its basic state, soothing the skin and deeply cleansing it.

Face care at home using natural ingredients-preventing the appearance of wrinkles

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, use a face mask with lemon zest for facial care. Then you wonder why not the lemon itself? The answer to this question is simple. Lemon peel contains important oils that have a cleansing and healing effect on your skin. In addition to making a mask, you can also make lemon juice from fresh lemons every morning.

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